• Wood, Jim. 2015. Icelandic Morphosyntax and Argument Structure. Dordrecht: Springer.

Manuscripts Under Review / In Progress

(Please email me if you’d like a draft of any of these.)

  • Sigurðsson, Einar Freyr, Hlíf Árnadóttir and Jim Wood. 2017, submitted. Hrappurinn maður.
  • Sigurðsson, Einar Freyr and Jim Wood. 2017, submitted. Cyclic cliticization in Icelandic.
  • Wood, Jim, Raffaella Zanuttini, Laurence Horn, Jason Zentz. 2018, submitted. Dative Country: Markedness and geographical variation in Southern dative constructions.
  • Wood, Jim, Matthew Barros and Einar Freyr Sigurðsson. Revision in progress. Clausal Ellipsis and Case (Mis)Matching in Icelandic.
  • Myler, Neil, Jim Wood and Einar Freyr Sigurðsson. 2016, manuscript. A game of two haves: Carving up possession in Icelandic.

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