Sentence of the Day

by jimwood8




Today’s SOTD comes from Eiríkur Rögnvaldsson, who noticed the following advertisement for a music festival. 


Here, we see an example of the -st morpheme occurring outside the weak imperative subject. That is, it says fylg-du-st rather than fylg-st-u. The festival is in Sauðárkrókur, in the north of Iceland, and Eiríkur says he remembers noticing this positioning of -st when he moved there in 1967. He also says he finds it a bit in other places in the north, such as Akureyri. I did some googling, and found one more example, coming from a whale-watching website in Húsavík (also on the northern coast, but further east).

Fylgdust með okkur á fréttasíðu okkar eða finndu okkur á Facebook, Twitter, YouTube og Flickr. (source)

So I’ll say that today’s SOTD is any sentence positioning -st to the right of an imperative weak subject pronoun. Thanks to Eiríkur and Einar for discussion!