Sentence of the day

by jimwood8

The sentence of the day is the following, found at the database at

Það er nú    eitt  af því  góða  við      jólin           að
that is now one of the good  about Christmas that

þá    er  daginn            farinn         að   lengja      aftur : )
then is  day.the.m.acc gone.m.acc to   lengthen again

‘Now that’s one good thing about Christmas, then the day starts getting longer again.’

This one wins today’s competition not only for being seasonally appropriate, but for showing the unambiguous subject position of the accusative (between the auxiliary and the participle), for being one of those lovely weather/fate-type accusatives, and, most importantly, for conditioning gender/case agreement on the participle, like a nice and well-behaved structural accusative (cf. discussion of variation in early work by Avery Andrews, if I remember right). For all these reasons, this is the sentence of the day.